Wisconsin HIV Community Planning


UW - Madison HIV Outreach Project, Community Planning

A Partnership of the Wisconsin AIDS/HIV Program and the University of Wisconsin - Madison

January 2014 began the eighth year of Wisconsin's combined planning group for HIV prevention and care services. Prior to 2007, community planning activities were conducted by the Wisconsin Ryan White Consortium and the Wisconsin HIV Prevention Community Planning Council. The Statewide Action Planning Group (SAPG) , part of the WI HIV Outreach Project, is an appointed advisory group to the Wisconsin Division of Public Health (DPH) AIDS/HIV Program. SAPG assists in the development, implementation and prioritization of HIV prevention and care services in Wisconsin.

Community planning in WI consists of two parts: community engagement and the Statewide Action Planning Group (SAPG).

Community Engagement
Community engagement requires a collaborative interative process that results in identifying specific strategies to ensure a coordinated and seemless approach to accessing HIV prevention, care, and treatment services for the highest risk populations. This should include ongoing communication and interaction with key stakeholders, HIV service provicers and consumers of HIV care, including those not part of SAPG who can best inform and support the goals of the HIV planning process.

Statewide Action Planning Group (SAPG)
Twenty-five to thirty ambassadors facilitate communication in all five regions of the state, participate in developing a joint HIV prevention and care services plan and advise the WI AIDS/HIV Program on the development, implementation and prioritization of HIV prevention and care services in Wisconsin. Members for the Statewide Action Planning Group are chosen through a competitive application and selection process.

2014 Statewide Action Planning Group (SAPG) Ambassadors

Chris Allen- Milwaukee
Norah Boynton - Madison
Michelle Broaddus- Milwaukee
Isaiah Brokenleg- Minocqua
Anne Brosowsky-Roth- Grafton - Community Co-Chair Elect
Ruthie Burich- Milwaukee
Cindy Draws- Oshkosh
Joel Duffrin - Madison
Anthony Harris - Milwaukee - Community Co-Chair
Sheryl Henderson- Madison
Brandon Jackson - Milwaukee
Hugo Jimenez- Milwaukee
Michael Lewis - Milwaukee
Ken Multhauf- Milwaukee
Winsome Panton- Hartland
Kristine Radtke - Eau Claire
Daniel Ross- Madison
Annette Sallay- Madison
Charles Smart- Milwaukee
Jeff Smith- Milwaukee
John Steines- Madison
Cheryl Thiede- Eau Claire
Jessica Tyler- Tomah
Prentise Vann-Beets- Milwaukee
Bri Vonnahme- Madison
James Vergeront- Madison
Ja'Mel Ware - Madison
David Wenten- Milwaukee
Dennis Wojciechowski - Milwaukee

The SAPG in consultation with the Wisconsin AIDS/HIV Program has developed and released The Wisconsin HIV/AIDS Strategy 2012-2015, a statwide planning document which addresses critically important HIV-related services and activities in Wisonsin.
WI Strategy
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